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How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Personal Injury Case After An Accident?

How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Personal Injury Case After An Accident?How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Personal Injury Case After An Accident?

The length of time needed to resolve a personal injury case in California after an accident depends on the severity of your injuries. Some cases could settle shortly after an accident, other cases may take longer when a large sum of money is involved in the settlement, or the injured party is continuing to recover from their injuries.

One of the factors that affects the time needed to resolve a personal injury case is the complexity of the accident that caused the injury. A car accident could resolve quickly if it does not require the services of accident reconstructionists and medical experts being called as witnesses. Medical malpractice and premisess liability cases may be more complicated and require more time to be resolved.

Another element is the jurisdiction of the case. A larger court system may handle more cases and have a full docket making it more difficult to schedule your case. Smaller jurisdictions may not be as busy, and a case can be scheduled relatively quickly.

The insurance companies involved in the case could affect the length of time needed for the case to be resolved. Some insurance companies have a policy to resolve an insurance claim within a specific period of time. Other insurance companies have a methodical approach for claims processing that requires more time. Insurance adjusters juggling a large number of claims may need more time to resolve a case.

The complexity of a case is a significant driver of the time needed to complete a personal injury case. The attorneys and insurance adjuster may need more time to prepare for the case. Scheduling expert witnesses and resolving some aspects of the case may cause a delay in the speed of the trial proceedings

When the injuries to the plaintiff are severe, additional time may be needed to complete medical evaluations by experts who testify as to the abilities and quality of life of the person. In addition, medical costs associated with long-term care need to be assessed.

The number of attorneys and legal staff working on the case has an impact on the speed of resolving a case. A small law firm with limited resources needs more time to process various filings, deal with insurance companies, and conduct research on the elements of the accident to prepare the case for court.

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