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I Was Seriously Injured In An Auto Accident And Believe I Have A Case Against The At-Fault Party. What Are The First Steps That I Should Take To Give My Case The Best Possible Outcome?

The steps you can take after an accident will depend on your condition. Assuming that you or someone on your behalf can do so, you’ll want to contact the police to alert them to the scene of the accident. Sometimes they’re already on their way because somebody else called 911, particularly if the parties involved are incapacitated. Generally, it is essential to get the police, and perhaps first responders, to the scene right away. If possible, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses and the other party. Whether or not you are incapacitated will make a big difference.

One way or another, you’ll need to get medical treatment, the sooner, the better. You can be seen in an ambulance, at an emergency room, or in an urgent care facility. The last option would be a primary care physician. Nonetheless, you’ll want to get your body treated for any injuries as soon as possible. You may want to contact an attorney straight away to help preserve the evidence in the case and contact witnesses. They can start the process of working with the insurance companies and/or the defendant. An attorney can also help you get the medical care that you’re going to need.

If Able, What Evidence Should I Gather At The Accident Scene Or Soon After To Help With My Personal Injury Case?

If you are able to gather evidence and information, you should write down any witnesses and notes in regard to what you recall happened. It is helpful to write down all the various things that you think happened. You’ll also want to gather your car insurance information and health insurance information. Collect any physical evidence and take pictures of the scene of the accident, your vehicle, the other party’s vehicle, and any visible injuries the other party sustained.

Should I Always Call Law Enforcement After An Auto Accident?

If you’re involved in car accident, it’s advisable to call law enforcement, especially if someone is injured. In California, specifically in Kern County, when you call the police, they’re going to ask if anybody was hurt. Some people will say that nobody got hurt. However, when that happens, the police don’t come and the accident isn’t properly documented. Over time, the stories of what happened in the accident often change, which can potentially present some issues moving forward with the liability on a case. Overall, it is best to have the police arrive at the accident. Moreover, when the police are at the scene, it usually alleviates any issues of having to deal with the other party where tempers may flare.

Is It Important To Get A Copy Of The Police Report? Could The Police Report Help Or Hurt My Case? Does My Attorney Have Access To It?

When an accident occurs, it is important to get a copy of the police report. If you’re working with an attorney, your attorney can request and obtain a copy of the police report. You don’t have to get a copy yourself unless you don’t have an attorney. If you don’t have an attorney, it is advisable to get the report, especially if there are any issues with liability. Once you have the police report, it is important to review it to make sure that it accurately states what you recalled at the accident.

In some cases, a police report can hurt your case, particularly if there are errors that do not accurately portray what happened in the accident. However, if you go to court with the case, it is possible to call the office and show that there are errors and omissions on the police report. The police report isn’t the end-all, but it is a part of the evidence in a case.

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