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Cell Phone Use And Driving In California – What To Know And What To Avoid With Donald Colvin

California’s laws on cellphone usage and driving are strict, but it is still a problem. Cellphone usage goes along with distracted driving. Anytime a driver uses their cellphone, plays around with the radio, engages in a conversation with someone in the car, or does anything that takes their concentration off of operating their vehicle safely, the driver is driving while distracted. Even though you can no longer have a cellphone in your hand while driving, it is still one of the biggest problems. You’re supposed to have two hands on the wheel to drive, which is something that people should be doing to be safe.

Fumbling around with a cellphone and trying to read and text keeps your eyes off the road. Your focus shifts downward, and that’s a huge problem. Again, it is against the law to have a cellphone in your hand. If caught, you can incur penalties or infractions.

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