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Stairway Accidents: More Common Than You Think

Hundreds of people trip and fall on stairs on a daily basis. Stairway accidents are such a common occurrence that thousands of claims are submitted each year by injured individuals seeking compensation for damages. Stairway trip and fall injuries can be quite severe or even catastrophic. One misstep or slip on a stairway can result in broken bones, concussion, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, spinal cord injury, back injury, hip fracture, neck injury, or internal bleeding. Anyone who becomes injured because of a stairway trip and fall should talk to a premises liability lawyer about their incident. An experienced premises liability attorney can provide valuable insight and counsel on how to best proceed in a stairway trip and fall case.

Many factors can contribute to a stairway accident. Some of the most common factors that can cause a stairway slip and fall are:

Wear and Tear

Torn carpeting and damaged flooring can cause a serious accident on a stairway. A person can trip over lifted or worn carpeting and fall down a flight of stairs. Something as simple as wear and tear on stairs can be hazardous, and a property owner could be held liable for neglect or failing to repair worn and torn flooring. Assessing wear and tear on a stairway that caused an accident may not always be straightforward. For this reason, it is wise to recruit the assistance of a skilled slip and fall lawyer. A slip and fall lawyer can thoroughly examine the situation to properly ascertain cause and liability.

Damaged or Defective Stairs

Stairway injuries often arise from damaged or defective stairs. If a stairway has a missing, loose, or corroded step, it can gravely injure a person. The property owner could be held liable for the unsafe condition of damaged or defective stairs. In some cases, it can be challenging to prove liability. However, a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer can evaluate the incident and establish liability.

Building Code Violation

California and local building code authorities set strict requirements for commercial and residential properties that have stairs. Stairs have to be up to code. However, when stairs do not meet the code, such as proper height and depth and adequate stair rails, a person can become injured by tripping and falling over uneven stairs or the absence of handrails.

Slippery Surfaces

It should come as no surprise that slippery surfaces can cause terrible slip and fall accidents, especially on stairs. Property owners should always monitor outdoor stairs for icy and rainy conditions that can cause slippery surfaces. Improper care or negligence can prompt a lawsuit if someone becomes severely injured.

People who are injured in stairway accidents can file a claim or pursue legal action to recover compensatory damages. It is possible to collect compensation for medical bills, lost wages, ongoing medical treatment, medication, pain and suffering, and other relevant damages. If you or a loved one has been involved in a stairway accident that resulted in a serious injury, it is highly advised to contact a slip and fall lawyer in Bakersfield, CA to discuss your case. A premises liability attorney in Bakersfield, CA can ensure that you collect fair compensation for your losses and damages.

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