Donald Colvin, Esq

I can’t express how grateful I am..

“I can’t express how grateful I am for everyone who works here! I communicated with Michael most often and the ease, care and knowledge is unbelievable. I was referred to them after a minor accident. I didn’t know then the quality lawyers I had. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for the full cost of a new bumper let alone my chiropractic and physical therapy bills. I try to take care of myself but sometimes you feel like you don’t deserve it or can’t afford it. Especially hearing minor accident, I had the reaction to ignore the neck and back pain, downplay it. It took me a couple weeks to go to a chiropractor and that’s how it started. I trusted the process and went to physical therapy, recovered, and we won! I am healthy, happy, and more confident because they unknowingly made me feel worth it. Plus, I have some money in my pocket because we got the max amount possible for the case. Unbelievable! They didn’t over communicate or over complicate, and when we communicated it was for a purpose. They were to the point, understanding and kind. I had no idea we would have this outcome from a minor accident. I am so grateful, thank you!”