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Accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Here in Bakersfield, CA, we have our share of car accidents, hit and runs, premises liabilities, wrongful deaths, and dog bites. As cell phone usage has increased, we have seen a rise in roadway accidents caused by distracted driving, even though other drivers on the road have a responsibility to drive safely. By the same token, the owners of the stores where you shop have a duty to avoid negligent behavior, but unfortunately, they sometimes fail to uphold that duty, leading to severe injuries and, in the worst cases, death. Dog owners also owe it to others to keep their dogs from injuring others, but oftentimes, that does not happen.

Residents of Bakersfield often face dangerous situations that lead to injuries impacting their physical, emotional, and financial well-being. You will likely face intensive doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, surgeries, and immense pain when you get hurt. Coping with a severe injury is emotionally and physically draining. You may feel depressed, anxious, angry, or traumatized. You may also find yourself with many unexpected bills and lost wages, putting a financial strain on you and your family.

When someone else causes your injury, a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer at Colvin Accident Lawyers could help you get financial compensation for your losses. Call a dedicated attorney today to get started on your case

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Just as drivers have a responsibility to drive safely and maintain adequate insurance, property owners have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their land here in California. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, you may have a personal injury case. Whether you’ve suffered a slip-and-fall or were injured due to a poorly maintained structure, a personal injury attorney can help you determine if you have a strong case to pursue. Attorney Donald Colvin will work on your behalf to receive the maximum reimbursement owed to you for your personal injury and to hold the other party responsible.

The goal of a civil suit for a personal injury is to make the plaintiff financially whole by demanding the at-fault party pay for the plaintiff’s injuries, pain, and suffering. The court examines whether a reasonable person would have acted differently and taken steps to prevent the injury. When a lawsuit is successful, the injured party receives monetary damages to help them pay for their losses or other expenses resulting from the accident. Dedicated attorneys in Bakersfield have many years of experience helping people navigate complex legal claims involving personal injuries

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Client Testimonials

Rebecca M.

“From the first phone call, to going in the office and meeting with Mr. Colvin, I felt very comfortable with everyone and everything I encountered. Everything was discussed in detail, [including] how things would happen and how long it could possibly take. They were informative, professional, and caring. I would definitely recommend Mr. Colvin.”

Barry P.

“I have known Donald Colvin for several years now and my firm is located in Los Angeles County. Whenever I have a personal injury case in Bakersfield, or the surrounding areas, I do not hesitate to call the Colvin Firm. I know that my best clients and referrals will be handled promptly and professionally every time. Top Notch Firm!”

Johnny W.

“Mr Colvin and his staff were truly helpful in the most professional and prompt way. He resolved my case when everyone else dropped the ball. Thanks Law Offices of Donald Colvin”

Tyson M.

“My wife had been in a accident and we were referred to The Law Offices of Donald Colvin from a friend. We could not be any happier with outcome of the settlement. Mr. Colvin was very professional and kept us informed all the way. Thank you for a job well done Mr. Colvin and your staff assistant Celeste!”

Vertha G.

“Mr. Colvin helped me with my auto accident case, he kept me updated with case information and was very informative. I definitely recommend Mr. Colvin!.”

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Here, You Are More To Us Than Just A Case

Attorney Donald Colvin and his team take pride in getting to know their clients. At Colvin Accident Lawyers, we want the people we represent to know they mean more to us than the potential value of their settlement or their lawsuit. We understand that our clients are often suffering due to someone else’s mistake, and we try to ease their burden through our compassionate and dedicated legal services.

We use our extensive knowledge of roadway accidents and personal injuries to achieve the highest possible settlements for our clients, whether we are going up against a big insurance company or the city or municipal governments. We believe that you deserve the absolute best attorney on your side seeking maximum compensation for your injury, as well as your pain and suffering, and we work tirelessly to deliver you a positive outcome in your case.

If you’re ready to move forward from your accident with the physical, financial, and emotional relief that’s owed to you, contact Colvin Accident Lawyers to speak with your caring Bakersfield, CA, attorney today.

Accidents Justify a Personal Injury

What Type of Accidents Justify a Personal Injury Suit?

Personal injury claims often result from accidents, including:

  • Motorcycle, pedestrian, car, or bus crashes, most commonly involving driver errors
  • Medical malpractice, such as surgical mistakes, failure to diagnose, medication mistakes, anesthesia errors, failure to treat, or birth injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Workplace and job-site accidents
  • Defective product accidents
  • Dog bites and attacks
  • Criminal violence, including domestic assaults and child abuse

Seasoned lawyers in Bakersfield have successfully handled many kinds of personal injury claims. A legal representative takes time to examine the facts of an incident to determine when there are valid grounds to pursue legal action. The attorney could review police, medical, or manufacturing records and speak with witnesses or experts to learn more about the case.

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    When you suffer a severe injury, your life can change in many ways. When you suspect that another party might have done something to cause your injury, you might be able to recover financial compensation. You need the assistance of an experienced legal team.

    Call a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer for guidance. Attorney Donald Colvin knows how to investigate and build solid legal claims to get you the best outcome for your case.