Bakersfield Bus Accident Lawyer

Donald Colvin, Esq

At some point, we have all ridden a bus, whether it be a bus to school, a bus to work, or even a tour bus. Bus drivers must be CDL licensed with extensive education and specialized training. While bus accidents may not happen as frequently as car accidents, they do happen. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, thousands of people are injured by busses yearly.

Fatalities from public transportation crashes may occur less often; but they do, in fact, occur yearly across the United States.

Winning a case of negligence against a bus driver or a municipal government, in cases of a city or school bus, can be tricky with lots of red tape. If you are struck by a bus or injured while riding a bus, you deserve justice and compensation just as a victim of a vehicular accident would.

That is why you need a trusted personal injury attorney like Donald Colvin on your side. Donald will take the time to get to know you…not just your case. As a Bakersfield bus accident lawyer, Donald has extensive background and knowledge of vehicular accidents and will get your highest policy limit settlements even against city or municipal governments.

The Consequences Of Bus Accidents In California

Many people rely on buses to get to their jobs, appointments, and for running errands in Bakersfield, California. School children are transported to and from school by buses. And the number of charter buses on the roads continues to increase each year. While other types of vehicle accidents are common, bus accidents occur less frequently. However, they can result in devastating, life-changing injuries and even death. Bus passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians may be injured in a bus accident.

As with any vehicle accident, time is of the essence when someone suffers an injury and decides to make a claim. A bus accident is more complicated because it may involve a municipal agency or school which could complicate insurance claims and legal proceedings. Having the help of a knowledgeable lawyer in Bakersfield can make filing an insurance claim or initiating legal action after a bus wreck much easier.

What Kinds Of Injuries Are Association With Bus Accidents?

As with any traffic accident in Bakersfield, California, a bus accident may cause a range of injuries. The unique attributes of a bus create situations that may cause injuries in the event of an accident. Two factors are the high center of gravity that makes buses prone to rollover accidents and the absence of seatbelts which is common on school buses. Passengers may be holding their possessions such as backpacks and packages that can become projectiles inside bus in the event of an accident.

The risk of injury for passengers in a bus accident is high because there are usually no seatbelts to keep them from being ejected from their seats. Injuries associated with a bus accident may involve:

  • Concussion and traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Skin burns
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Facial scarring or disfigurement
  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries

Pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable in a bus accident because they lack protection. As a result, their injuries may be severe and could result in death. Anyone involved in a bus wreck should contact an attorney in Bakersfield to inquire about their rights to be compensated for injuries and damages.

Call a Bus Accident Attorney in Bakersfield After a Collision

Immediately after being injured in a bus accident, you should seek medical care. If possible, take pictures of the accident scene documenting the positions of the vehicles involved and get names and contact information of witnesses and passengers. Write down any details you remember about the accident.

It is likely that the bus driver called the police; however, if the police do not arrive shortly after the accident occurred, you should call them to report the accident. Avoid making any statements to the police other than providing your name, address, and contact information and providing insurance information and a driver’s license to the police officer at the scene of the bus accident. Avoid saying you are fine if someone inquires how you are feeling. Your statement could be used against you later on should you be injured. It is important to consult with a Bakersfield bus accident lawyer to answer your questions, give you advice, and assist you with making a bus accident claim before you speak to anyone about the accident.