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Bicycle accident fatalities account for 2 percent of all traffic-related deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That 2 percent adds up, especially if it is you or your loved one. The important thing to know is first, you should call the police. Far too often, bicycle accidents aren’t reported, which can leave you without a case. Collisions between bicyclists and vehicle drivers are considered “auto accidents,” and injured cyclists are entitled to collect damages to cover hospital bills, lost wages and other costs. Next, you should call Donald Colvin, as he will make sure you are not overlooked or blamed while working to give you the settlement you are entitled to! He knows your rights and will fight for your needs. When you get hurt, call our skilled personal injury attorneys.

Sharing The Road While Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

The popularity of bicycle riding across the country and especially in California is growing quickly. With the increase in the number of bicycles on the streets and bike trails comes an increase in bicycle accidents. A 2020 article in U.S. News and World Report revealed that bicycle related fatalities hit a 25-year high in California and are increasing across the United States.

As more and more people take to the streets and trails on their bicycles, safety should be a priority. Knowing about the bicycle laws keeps bicyclists safer. The most common causes of bicycle accidents result in injuries to bicyclists, some of which are catastrophic and require the expertise of a hardworking bike crash attorney located in Bakersfield.

What Are Some Of The Bicycle Laws In Bakersfield, California?

Bicyclists must follow the same traffic laws as all other vehicles on the road. That includes the basic laws of stopping at a red light or stop sign, signaling a turn, and yielding to pedestrians. Bicyclists must be on the right side of the road traveling in the same direction as traffic and they are required to ride in bike lanes when available.

Bicycle safety laws in California require drivers to maintain a distance of three feet between their vehicle and anyone riding a bicycle. Safety laws also require bicycle riders to wear a helmet and have lights and reflectors on their bicycle when riding at night.

What Factors Are Contributing To The Rise In Bicycle Accidents?

One of the obvious reasons for the increase in bicycle accidents is the rise in the number of vehicles and bicycles sharing the roads. Distracted driving is another factor in the increase in bike accidents. It only takes a second for a collision with a bicyclist if a driver takes their eyes off the road to fiddle with the radio or glance at their cellphone.

Aggressive drivers are another cause of bicyclist accidents. They may be tailgating, blocking the bike lane, or honking their horn continuously and cause an accident. Another situation that is ripe for an accident is when drivers fail to keep a proper lookout as they are driving. They may not see a bicyclist riding on the road and hit them.

Road hazards can be especially treacherous to bicyclists. Gravel on the road can cause a bicyclist to lose control of their bike and fall to the ground or worse, fall into a traffic lane and be hit by a vehicle. Potholes, slippery wet roads, road debris, and road construction projects are all contributors to bicycle accidents. Our lawyers in Bakersfield understand how bike wrecks occur and can investigate a case to determine how it happened.

What Are Examples Of Injuries That May Result From A Bicycle/Vehicle Collision?

The injuries a bicyclist rider suffers in a collision with another driver can be severe because they are so exposed upon impact with the vehicle or pavement. Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, are common in bicycle accidents as are broken bones, soft tissue injuries, paralysis, and death.

Get in Touch With a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Bakersfield

If you are injured in a bicycle accident in Bakersfield, California it is imperative that you contact a top-rated bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible because of the statute of limitations for personal injury cases such as bicycle accidents. Call a Bakersfield bicycle accident lawyer today.