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According to California Dog Bites Law, the dog owner can be liable in a civil lawsuit for any injuries the victim has sustained. This remains true even if the dog has not ever bitten anyone or there was no reason to believe that the dog was dangerous. It is advisable that victims consult with an experienced Bakersfield dog bite lawyer to find out if you possibly have a case. At Donald Colvin Accident Lawyer, our skilled personal injury attorney can help you.

How Can A Lawyer Help With A Dog Bites Injury Claim?

An expert dog bite lawyer has the knowledge and experience in the area of Dog Bites Law to help you recover any damages that you might be owed. A dog bite attorney will investigate all circumstances surrounding the event in question, including finding the owner of the dog. Then they will issue a demand for compensation and file a civil lawsuit if needed.

According Civil Code 3342 dog owners are liable for injuries to other people as long as the person did not provoke the dog and the person was bitten in public or while on private property lawfully.

Have you been injured in a dog attack? Let the experienced legal representatives help you recover all damages you are owed. If you are located in or near Bakersfield and were hurt by a canine, call our hardworking lawyer for a free consultation.

What Should I Do After I Am Bitten Or Attacked By A Dog?

In order to make sure that you have plenty of documentation for your Dog Bites Claim, victims should do the following:

  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Take photographs of all injuries as soon as you possibly can
  • Collect the name, address, and contact information of the dog owner and any witnesses that were there
  • Write down your account of exactly what happened as soon as possible.
    If you are unable to get the contact information from the dog owner, you should contact your local animal control with a description of the dog that attacked you.

If you have been injured in a dog attack, let the experienced Bakersfield attorney at Colvin Accident Lawyer help you recover all damages you are owed.

Reach Out to a Dog Bite Attorney in Bakersfield For Help

Even though California is a strict liability state, there are some instances when a dog bite victim cannot sue for damages. The following people will not be able to recover damages for their injuries.

  • The person was trespassing on private property
  • The animal was provoked by the person
  • The dog was protecting someone in accordance with laws on self-defense in California
  • The dog was a police or military dog used appropriately

Do you have questions about whether you should file a dog bite personal injury claim? Let the experienced Bakersfield dog bite lawyer at Colvin Accident Lawyer investigate your accident. If you are located in or near Bakersfield, CA, call (661) 616-1177 for a free consultation.