Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Donald Colvin, Esq

As the City of Bakersfield and surrounding areas’ population continues to grow, so does the unfortunate event of pedestrian-vehicle accidents. These types of accidents often result in serious injury that can be financially catastrophic, frequently leaving long-lasting physical damages. Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian in the accident, having adequate legal protection is a very important component of dealing with these cases safely and ensuring the most favorable outcome possible.

Attorney Donald Colvin is a top Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyer and has a wide-ranging background dealing with pedestrian-car accidents and all of the complexities that occur with them. Pedestrian vs. vehicle accident lawyers such as Donald Colvin know the steps to take to ensure the outcome of your case is in your best interest, and given that hit-and-run collisions are the leading cause of pedestrian accidents in Central California, it is important to make sure you obtain the restitution you deserve with as little trouble as possible. If you are dealing with a pedestrian accident claim vs. a car accident claim, then retaining a qualified lawyer to offer legal guidance and protection is the most promising way to begin your road to recovery. Colvin Accident Lawyer are qualified personal injury attorneys that are here to fight for your rights and give you the tools necessary to move on after your accident.

Additionally, if you have been involved in a pedestrian-vehicle accident and you were operating the vehicle, there are many ways that you could be facing legal or insurance difficulties as the person in control of the car. It is more important than ever to give yourself legal protection and council, as these matters can inflate to a point where your rights may be violated and the situation can be taken out of context. Car vs Pedestrian Accident Lawyers are imperative to keeping these sorts of situations in check, and ensuring the proper justice is done for your case.

Why Choose Colvin Accident Lawyer?

Our team is highly specialized in the field of pedestrian-vehicular accidents, and our expertise in this area will help you get a top settlement and as much insurance compensation as possible. A pedestrian/vehicle accident personal injury attorney is a crucial element of ensuring proper restitution and justice, with the least amount of obstacles possible. Colvin Accident Lawyer understands the stress and harm these situations can cause, as well as the fact that your life and future are on the line. Our firm does not take this responsibility lightly and will put in the time and energy necessary to achieve the best result for your case possible.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident and is seeking legal protection, do not hesitate to contact us today for an initial consultation.