Donald Colvin, Esq

What Our Clients Say

"Don and his team were great through the whole process of getting a settlement for my injury. They are very friendly and helpful and kept me informed every step of the way. The settlement ended up more than I expected and I am very thankful for the effort they all put into my case!"

Janae H.

"I am truly grateful for the Donald Colvin team for standing by my side and offering their help when no one else would. They embody the true meaning of going above and beyond! Their dedication was remarkable as they worked tirelessly to secure compensation for the injuries I sustained from an uninsured motorist accident back in May 2023. During my lowest moments, battling depression and tears, they never once brushed me aside. Instead, they were a constant source of support, lifting me up with positivity and motivation to persevere. They assured me that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and indeed, there was! I am forever thankful that I chose them to represent me in this challenging fight. Mr. Colvin, James, Rachel, and Valeria—thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will definitely keep your team in my back pocket for any future legal battles. Your professionalism and compassion made all the difference."

Leonor P.

"I recently had the privilege of working with Donald Colvin at this law office, and I must say the experience exceeded my expectations. Mr. Colvin's level of communication throughout the entire legal process was outstanding. He ensured that I understood every step of the way, patiently explaining legal jargon and providing insightful advice. Donald Colvin displayed exceptional expertise and knowledge in the field, making me feel confident and at ease during a stressful legal matter. The dedication and professionalism exhibited by him and his team were truly remarkable. Their timely responses and attention to detail demonstrated their commitment to delivering top-notch legal services. I highly recommend Donald Colvin at this law office for anyone seeking legal assistance. The combination of excellent communication skills, legal expertise, and a client-focused approach truly sets them apart. Thank you, Mr. Colvin, for your outstanding service."

Kellynhi N.

"When I was side-swiped on the freeway, I picked Colvin Lawyers as my Personal Injury attorney. I am so glad I did. They have a whole team dedicated to your case that manages your entire case from beginning to end. Car accidents are no joke and everyone on the teams was easy to communicate with via text, phone, and email. They were accommodating and MOST importantly, they were knowledgeable about the insurance companies' tactics and were able to get me the care and compensation I needed. They set me up with the doctors who helped me heal and then fought the insurance companies on my behalf. Overall my experience was that they were professional, experienced, communicative, and professional, and I was left feeling satisfied at the end of it all. They deserve your business and you deserve their expertise!"

Steve S.

"Mr Colvin is doing an excellent job for us in a difficult time. We lost our car and were lucky to find someone like him to represent us and help us with the suffering of loss and the big life change. If you have experienced a similar accident, be sure to call Colvin Law. He is a fair, resourceful, experienced accident attorney. In addition he is a lawyer who keeps his promises and follows through when the case is difficult and other parties deny responsibility for their actions. While we did not collect we got great service and advice."

DaVan B.

"Mr. Colvin was my attorney for two accidents that I was unfortunately involved in. He was knowledgeable in his practice and supportive in helping me get the physical therapy I needed after the accidents. Additionally, he took control of communicating with the aggressive insurance companies, that tried to push me to sign paperwork and agreements with them right after the accidents and before I was done with treatment, which helped me focus on getting better. I definitely recommend him as a lawyer!"

Rachael C.