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Client Testimonials

“I can’t express how grateful I am for everyone who works here! I communicated with Michael most often and the ease, care and knowledge is unbelievable. I was referred to them after a minor accident. I didn’t know then the quality lawyers I had. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for the full cost of a new bumper let alone my chiropractic and physical therapy bills. I try to take care of myself but sometimes you feel like you don’t deserve it or can’t afford it. Especially hearing minor accident, I had the reaction to ignore the neck and back pain, downplay it. It took me a couple weeks to go to a chiropractor and that’s how it started. I trusted the process and went to physical therapy, recovered, and we won! I am healthy, happy, and more confident because they unknowingly made me feel worth it. Plus, I have some money in my pocket because we got the max amount possible for the case. Unbelievable! They didn’t over communicate or over complicate, and when we communicated it was for a purpose. They were to the point, understanding and kind. I had no idea we would have this outcome from a minor accident. I am so grateful, thank you!”Amanda H.

“Don Colvin is a top quality attorney. You can trust Don with all of your legal needs and know that he will yield the best possible outcome. My husband and I watched Don exercise his legal strengths this past year and were truly amazed at what he was able to accomplish to our benefit. We can’t thank him enough and highly recommend him!”Camille D.

“After a traffic accident in 2019 I had no idea what to do and had medical bills piling up. Donald took on my case and fought my case. Things ended very well and I’m no longer sitting in medical debt. Donald along with his associates and all those working in the office were very attentive and thoughtful especially when taking my statement of events. Going through something like it is life changing and not easy but they were impeccable.”Jennifer O.

“I am very happy with the work that Mr. Colvin and his team did for me. They were helpful and nice and I am happy with my settlement. I was always able to get in touch with them and appreciated that. Thank you all for your hard work and great results. I recommend them if you have been injured.”Maria C.

“Don and his associates were extremely helpful in determining the best course of action for my case. Don used his knowledge of the law as well as his own personal experience (which directly related) in resolving matters for me! I cannot stress enough how great Don was in his handling of my case!”Greg H.

“I dealt with Mr Colvin and Mike. They both took my calls and gave me advice to help me with my situation. He wasn’t even my lawyer and he would still call me back to check in and told me how to proceed going forward. If I need a lawyer he’s earned my loyalty and he’s my first call.”Mark F.

“I fortunately haven’t had to use them to date, but they are good friends of mine and I would recommend Colvin Accident Lawyers to everyone. I have 2 friends that have used them and both have been very happy. If you need a lawyer this is the place to go!”Katie H.

“Donald and his team were of great assistance in my case. They were understanding, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I was assured of receiving the best possible outcome for my case and that is what I obtained.”keely M.

“He was very nice helpful always returned my calls. His staff was always friendly and very helpful. He sent me to some good doctors. I would definitely recommend Donald to represent you.”Kimberly W.

“Highly recommend Michael. He was super helpful and answered my questions very accurately and with professionalism. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing help. 5 star worthy employee.”Sergio E.

“Look no further. I highly recommend Mr. Colvin to anyone who wants to receive the most money back from any accident he and his team will work hard to get the full max for whatever case you may have! I know from experience he did a awesome job and got the max for me and in a timely manner.”Saul A.

“I received excellent service from Mr. Colvin in the settlement of my auto accident case. He was friendly, professional, and quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns. I feel like he was honest and he treated me respect. I highly recommend his services.”Felicia G.

“I am pleased with the service provided and happy with the outcome. They did a great job with my case and I would gladly refer them to anyone. Highly recommended.”Juan C.

“Donald and Michael are professionals. I liked that they always answered my questions and explained the why of things. Very cool and polite guys. I would go back to them if needed.”J Christopher.

“Michael and Donald handled my case and he was very helpful. He explained everything to me in detail throughout the process and I appreciate their help with my case.”Lorena C.

“Donald and his staff are amazing they really took the time with me. Got me to the right doctor immediately. Got me what was deserved. I would highly recommend Donald and his staff!!!”Kimberly W.

“I have known Donald Colvin for several years now and my firm is located in Los Angeles County. Whenever I have a personal injury case in Bakersfield, or the surrounding areas, I do not hesitate to call the Colvin Firm. I know that my best clients and referrals will be handled promptly and professionally every time. Top Notch Firm!”Barry P.

“Mr Colvin and his staff were truly helpful in the most professional and prompt way. He resolved my case when everyone else dropped the ball. Thanks Law Offices of Donald Colvin”Johnny W.

“My wife had been in a accident and we were referred to The Law Offices of Donald Colvin from a friend. We could not be any happier with outcome of the settlement. Mr. Colvin was very professional and kept us informed all the way. Thank you for a job well done Mr. Colvin and your staff assistant Celeste!”Tyson M.

“Appreciate all Donald and his professional staff did for me. I would highly recommend them.”Rocky L.

“Mr. Colvin helped me with my auto accident case, he kept me updated with case information and was very informative. I definitely recommend Mr. Colvin!.”Vertha G.

“Very professional and extremely informative. A pleasure to have contacted.”Dave C.

“He work really hard for us! I would definitely recommend him as a lawyer!”Find The Truth

“He fought non stop.” John U.

“Don and his team were professional and considerate of my situation and the resulting injuries both physical and mental. Jackie is the best. His team is thorough when it comes to collecting information to present to the insurance company. I wish I had started with Don initially rather than dealing with the insurance company myself. There were a couple drawbacks but one I attribute in some part to COVID-19: it has taken a really long time. I retained Don in November 2019 and he is still advocating for my settlement to resolve the medical bills (2021). I was going to wait to give a review after my case was completed but I don’t know when that will be. My advice is that if you are not willing to be patient, this is not the law firm for you. Another thing I found they do not call and give updates; you have to call them first. They are responsive and return calls quickly. Overall, I recommend them without hesitation.”Raven O.

“Thanks for helping me out Donald Colvin I really appreciate your help.”Lopez A.

“As a local chiropractor I have been working with Mr. Colvin for many years and highly recommend him for accident cases. The insurance companies have taken a hard stance and make it very difficult for injured parties or inexperienced attorneys to get the proper care and settlements they deserve. Mr. Colvin has always worked aggressively and achieves great settlements on most of the cases we have worked tougher on over the years.”Curt C.

“From the first phone call to going in the office and meeting with Mr. Colvin, I felt very comfortable with everyone and everything I encountered. Everything was discussed in detail, [including] how things would happen and how long it could possibly take. They were informative, professional, and caring. I would definitely recommend Mr. Colvin.”Rebecca M.

“My wife was in an accident and we were referred to The Law Offices of Donald Colvin from a friend. We could not be any happier with the outcome of the settlement. Mr. Colvin was very professional and kept us informed all the way. Thank you for a job well done Mr. Colvin and your staff assistant Celeste!”Tyson M.

“I want to thank Donald Colvin and his staff for providing excellent, professional service and communication regarding my case. They handled everything. Donald provides a one on one professional relationship where he details all legal procedures with you regarding your case. If you are stressing over your case, don’t worry Donald will take care of it as he did in my case. He makes sure you get paid what you deserve from car insurance. During these hard times he was able to solve my case in a timely matter. Thank you. I definitely recommend Donald Colvin.”Juana M.

“I have known Don for over 10 years, and he strikes me as a diligent, caring and effective trial attorney. He runs his law practice with a focused trial strategy to advocate for the best of his injured clients. He does not back down from the insurance companies whose only goal is to devalue an injured person’s legal right for a full and fair settlement. If you want a strong and determined trial lawyer for your injury case, then look no further than Don and his legal team.”Mark B.

“Mr Colvin did an outstanding job helping us with our case. When I needed questions and help, he was thorough and very helpful. Always keeping me in the loop. He’s very committed, professional, courteous, and builds a relationship with the client, instead of us just being a file. My family and I thank you very much Mr. Colvin for you’re hard work and dedication to your clients. I very much so recommend Mr. Colvin’s services. Also thank you Celeste for an awesome job, in communicating with and helping us. 5 stars for you as well.”Grumpy B.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Attorney Colvin and his staff! I was never left wondering what was going on with my case as his office was excellent about communicating. They made sure that I got the right treatment to feel better and document my injuries so they could make the insurance company pay for what they were responsible for. I got a check that was so much higher than I ever expected and I only have Attorney Colvin to thank for that! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm to anybody!”Mohammad A.

“Thanks to my donald colvin for doing a good job.”Arturo L.

“There is no one I would rather have representing me in times like this.”Jonathan W.

“Very professional staff. Very satisfied with the way my case was handled.”Ernie H.

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