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Bus Accidents

At some point, we have all ridden a bus, whether it be a bus to school, a bus to work, or even a tour bus. Bus drivers must be CDL licensed with extensive education and specialized training. While bus accidents may not happen as frequently as car accidents, they do happen. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, thousands of people are injured by busses yearly.

Fatalities from Bus Accidents may occur less often; but they do, in fact, occur yearly across the United States.

Winning a case of negligence against a bus driver or a municipal government, in cases of a city or school bus, can be tricky with lots of red tape. If you are struck by a bus or injured while riding a bus, you deserve justice and compensation just as a victim of a vehicular accident would.

That is why you need a trusted attorney like Donald Colvin on your side. Donald will take the time to get to know you…not just your case. Donald has extensive background and knowledge of vehicular accidents and will get your highest policy limit settlements even against city or municipal governments.

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