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Motorcycle Accidents

California is a wonderful state to ride in for motorcyclists. With rider-conducive laws such as lane sharing and splitting, being a motorcyclist in the Bakersfield, California area is easier than it can be in a lot of other places. Because of this, there is a large number of motorcyclists on the road, and thus, an unfortunate amount of motorcycle accidents occur in the state. In the event of a motorcycle accident, motorcycle accident lawsuits are likely to arise due to the serious injuries that often occur in these types of cases.

In the event of a lawsuit, it is important that you secure a motorcycle accident lawyer, as their expertise in these specific matters is extremely helpful in the success of your case. What’s more, failing to hire a lawyer can result in devastating losses to the amount in damages that you may be able to recover. This is because the medical and legal expertise needed to properly negotiate with insurance companies is typically best found through the resources of a skilled attorney. At The Law Office of Colvin Accident Lawyers, we put you first and put our expertise to use to help you achieve the best legal outcome possible.

Motorcycle accident law is particular to the type of vehicle you are driving, which in California is defined as a motor vehicle that has a seat or saddle for the rider, no more than three wheels, and with a motor larger displacement larger than 150cc. Motorcycle injury lawyers have the tools and background necessary that give them extra leverage for the handling of your case, resulting in a more favorable outcome for you. This experience gives your case direction and precision right from the start, making the process as swift and smooth as it can possibly be.

Dealing with a motorcycle accident claim with insurance companies can be tedious and frustrating. You deserve the financial restitution you need to pay for your injuries, as well as the damages that may have occurred to your motor vehicle. Donald Colvin is an experienced motorcycle injury claims lawyer that has extensive knowledge on how insurance companies work and the tactics they can use to avoid a satisfactory payment towards your insurance claim.

No matter the circumstance, if you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, it is imperative to obtain legal protection to ensure that your rights are preserved and respected under any conditions that may arise. Obtaining the proper financial compensation is vital to the justice of your case, and we at Colvin Accident Lawyers fight for this.

Why Choose Colvin Accident Lawyers?

Our firm specializes in using our specific knowledge of the law to help your case, no matter the circumstances. Having a motorcycle personal injury lawyer is an important way to make sure your case is handled properly and professionally. We use our skills to your advantage, and always put our clients’ needs above anything else. Whether you have suffered an injury in a motorcycle collision and need insurance restitution, or need general legal protection for your motorcycle accident, we are here to put in the time and work to fight for your case.

If you feel that you need legal representation in the event of a motorcycle accident, please do not hesitate to contact our office for an initial consultation.


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