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Located on the Kern River and not far from the beaches of Southern California, Bakersfield is a city where people enjoy getting out on the water. While boating accidents are not among the most common wrecks, when they do happen, they are often catastrophic. A diligent attorney from Colvin Accident Lawyers could help you as you pursue the maximum amount of compensation when you are injured in a boat collision.

Boating accidents may lead to serious physical injuries, property damage, and even death, and the resulting economic injuries may be overwhelming. In addition to medical bills, people who have sustained injuries in these accidents may be dealing with lost wages, and a loss in earning capacity, and may need to hire caretakers. When another person caused the accident, you may be entitled to financial recovery. A Bakersfield boat accident lawyer could discuss all of your potential remedies.

Boating Laws in California

California has stricter boating laws than other states. The state recommends life jackets for every person on a boat and requires them for every child under 13. The law contains exceptions to that rule for children in cabins, on vessels for emergency rescue, or wearing a harness on a sailboat. Otherwise, it is considered against the law for them to not wear a life jacket.

Boat operators must have a California Boater Card and be 16 or older to operate any vessel that has a horsepower of 15 or over. Children between 12 and 15 can operate a vessel if an adult with a California Boater Card is supervising them. Boaters need to follow all the rules that are covered in the boating classes and the laws in the California Harbors and Navigation Code. An attorney in Bakersfield could explain how failure to adhere to these laws may be evidence of negligence in a boat accident.

How Do Boat Accidents Happen?

Some people may not take boat safety as seriously as car safety. However, hitting water at any significant speed can be as hard on a body as hitting concrete. Passengers can be ejected from the vessel, boats can sink, or they can catch on fire after an accident. Despite that, some boaters often take risks. Boating while intoxicated, boating in dangerous weather, not paying attention while boating, improper boat maintenance, and failure to yield could all contribute to accidents. Just like automobile wrecks, some boating accidents have multiple causes.

Determining the cause of a Bakersfield boat accident is critical because it could indicate who is at fault, and an attorney will tell you that determining the percentage of fault is equally essential. California is a pure comparative negligence state, which means that an injured person could be held partially responsible for their own injuries and losses. Damage awards are minimized proportionally to the percentage of fault the injured person holds.

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Boating accidents could result in severe injuries. When these collisions are the result of someone’s negligence, it is crucial to seek the help of a dedicated attorney from Colvin Accident Lawyers. Our skilled legal professionals could advocate on your behalf.

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